Net-Zero Clients

Corporations can make a significant and fast contribution to meeting their net-zero goals. Producing biochar from waste products and subsequently utilizing it for agriculture or construction purposes creates new scalable operations that are profitable and carbon negative. Carbon offsets can also be purchased from third-party projects Myno conducts for others.

Forest Products

Residuals such as sawdust and hog fuel are excellent feedstock for producing high-quality, clean biochar.  In doing so, the process also provides an opportunity for lumber and pulp companies to increase production, improve margins and reduce the carbon intensity of their operations.  Forest product companies have the lowest cost ability to sequester carbon, concurrent to improving their productivity.


Use of biochar as an agricultural amendment improves soil health and lowers costs. It removes the need for chemical fertilizers, improves yields, and increases the drawdown of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Accordingly, it allows farmers to improve overall output, or to use less land to produce desired crop yields.

See the value in reducing your carbon footprint.