Myno Wins Bid to Build First Large-Scale Carbon Removal Facility - MYNO Carbon Corp.
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Myno Wins Bid to Build First Large-Scale Carbon Removal Facility

Myno won Avista’s All-Resource request for proposals to build our first Carbon Removal Facility adjacent to and integrated with Avista’s Kettle Falls Generating Station (KFGS) a renewable biomass energy facility in Kettle Falls, Washington. Avista is a publicly traded company that generates and transmits electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the Northwest. Myno and Avista partnered to respond to an RFP for Avista’s power supply project pipeline in the Summer of 2022 and were awarded the project in November 2022.

Avista’s Kettle Falls Generating Station Avista’s Kettle Falls Generating Station

Myno’s first Carbon Removal Facility (CRF 001) will intake approximately 183,000 Bone Dry Tons (BDT) of sustainably harvested timber waste feedstock to produce 40,000 BDT of biochar and generate 18MW of baseload renewable electricity. CRF 001 will remove 90,000 MT of C02e per year in the form of biochar and avoid 200,000 MT of C02e per year by mitigating slash pile burning and downstream emission reductions from biochar application.

CRF 001 is in the design phase and is planned to be fully commissioned in Q4 2025/Q1 2026. Prior to the commissioning, Myno is working with Avista to divert 4,000 BDT of biochar product per year to support market development activities. CRF 001 is differentiated by three revenue streams: 1) producing steam to generate renewable electricity, 2) creating high-quality biochar as a carbon-negative material, and 3) creating carbon removal and avoidance credits. CRF 001 capitalizes on synergies with Avista’s KFGS including the use of existing contracts, relationships, and infrastructure for feedstock sourcing, biomass power production equipment and power contracts, permits, and use of existing industrial land.


Carbon Removal Facility 001 Overview

Carbon Removal Facility 001 Overview (click on image to enlarge).


CRF 001 will be built in Stevens County, WA, a rural timber-dependent county (pop. <8,000). The US Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool lists Stevens County as a “disadvantaged community” due to the number of households with income ≤2 times the federal poverty level. CRF 001 will provide a multitude of economic and environmental benefits to the region, such as sustainably produced biochar; prevailing wage, union jobs; and safer, less fire-prone forests. CRF 001 will generate renewable electricity to offset fossil fuel-derived electricity, reducing the total GHG emissions of Washington’s electricity grid. CRF 001 will also support the transition to a climate-resilient and equitable future through its ability to remove and sequester thousands of tons of carbon each year. Myno remains committed to providing high-quality, sustainably produced biochar to support regenerative agriculture, rural economic development, and the transition to climate resilience.