How it Works

Your business can increase its growth rate and improve profitability by sequestering carbon.

Myno will work closely with your company or organization to define and implement carbon negative projects.

The first two stages in our process are at no cost to your business. We will work with you to define the desired project and we will crunch the numbers to determine the high-level economic viability of that project.

Once you have decided to continue with the project, we will organize a small, low-cost trial to prove technical viability, with the final stage in the process being full-scale implementation. The trial project and full-scale implementation will reduce the carbon footprint of your operations.

This process allows your business to ignite a new growth engine at very low risk; one that improves margins, creates good jobs, and delivers meaningful competitive advantage.

1. Scope the desired carbon negative project.

Myno works with your nominated personnel to learn about your business objectives, your requirements, and to define the project. There is no cost to your business for this stage in the process.

2. Develop a high level analysis.

Once the project is defined, Myno works with your personnel to understand the economic drivers. We then develop and present a high-level economic analysis of the potential project and outline what a small-scale, specific trial project would look like. A rough estimate of the potential long term value is included at this stage. Again, there is no cost to your business for this stage.

3. Small scale trial project.

Myno implements a trial project at a low cost. Post-trial, Myno prepares a very detailed economic analysis and generates a succinct final report to demonstrate the value you would realize by moving to full-scale implementation across your operations. The report includes innovation opportunities, anticipated cost reductions, carbon credit generation, and drawdown estimates, a highly refined economic model, and a sub-proposal to move to longer-term implementation.

4. Full scale implementation.

Full-scale implementation of carbon negative operations where desired in your business.

See the value in reducing your carbon footprint.