Carbon Removal Services & Biochar Production - MYNO Carbon Corp.
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Fossil fuels belong in the 20th century

The businesses that take bold steps to remove fossil fuels from their supply chains and reduce their carbon today are the ones that will win tomorrow.

Myno makes decarbonization possible, and alongside our innovative partners, we’ll make carbon history.

What we make

Carbon-negative biochar materials

Because lower carbon inputs = a lower carbon footprint for businesses.

Materials for agriculture

We create high-volume, yield-boosting, biochar-enhanced fertilizers and soil amendment products.

Materials for industry

High-performance, biochar-based sustainable materials have the potential to substitute carbon-intensive inputs across multiple industries.


Because more carbon-negative energy = less fossil fuel power in the grid.

Certified carbon removal credits

Because businesses must take responsibility for their hard-to-abate emissions today.

We do this in large-scale carbon removal facilities (CRFs)

Our biochar materials are carbon-negative, because the production process removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it adds.

Our positive impacts

By 2030, we aim to have at least 6 Carbon Removal Facilities up and running, to deliver the following each year:



MT CO2e from the atmosphere



MT CO2e of emissions

Renewable Energy



Beyond making high-performance carbon-negative materials, renewable energy and certified carbon removal credits, Myno creates positive ripple effects.

Creates rural green jobs

Reduces wildfire risks and air pollution

Protects waterways

Improves soil health

Speeds up carbon drawdown

Decreases potent nitrous oxide emissions

Ready to make carbon
history with us?

For carbon-negative materials, renewable energy, or carbon credits, contact:

What’s in
our name?

Myno is inspired by Ella, the daughter of our co-founder, Thor. Ella’s first babble was myno, a sound she used to express happiness. Myno was founded with the goal of removing as much carbon from the atmosphere as possible, as fast as possible, for Ella and future generations to live in a world free from the climate crisis.