A New Paradigm for our Planet: Profitable and Scalable Carbon Removal

Myno’s carbon removal facilities provide economic growth, generate green jobs, and deliver excess investor returns, all while removing carbon.

The Climate Solution

Myno’s mission is clear. We must remove as much carbon as we can, as fast as we can, at capital-efficient scale. Accounting for the time value of carbon, the most effective way to achieve this mission is to decarbonize the power grid and support regenerative agriculture.

Myno’s large-scale carbon removal facilities accomplish both goals by converting sustainably sourced timber and agricultural waste, into biochar and carbon-negative, renewable, baseload electricity. Using waste biomass as a feedstock avoids significant greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise result from the decomposition or prescribed burning of this material. Wildfire risk is greatly diminished in the process, and a large fraction of the original biomass carbon is permanently removed and sequestered as biochar.

By providing carbon-negative baseload electricity to the grid, our carbon removal facilities displace emissions generated by fossil fuel sources. By delivering high-volume, low-cost biochar to support regenerative agriculture, our carbon removal facilities increase crop productivity, accelerate drawdown, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural and dairy operations, and protect scarce water resources.

Getting to Net-Zero

The magnitude of the world’s carbon problem and why we need to act now.