Myno Carbon

Myno is focused on sequestering as much carbon as we can, as fast as we can, at capital-efficient scale. This is our mission.

Myno works closely with customers to make biochar from their waste streams. This biochar is then used to increase agricultural yields, to improve forest productivity, or to store carbon in materials such as concrete or asphalt.

Through the production and increased use of biochar, Myno’s goal is to accelerate the rate at which humanity removes carbon from the atmosphere, improves the health of soil and water resources, and in the process, creates the good jobs of the future.

Management Team


Thor Kallestad


Thor Kallestad is a Co-Founder and the CEO of the Myno Carbon Corp. He has had an entrepreneurial career with escalating levels of responsibility and achievement in environmental consulting, oil and gas, and mining. Mr. Kallestad believes the world recently moved through an inflection point, whereby society’s most profitable economic activities will in the future be focused on operations that restore the natural environment, as opposed to operations that degrade the environment. Myno was founded to embrace this trend, and accelerate the rate at which humanity removes carbon from the atmosphere, improves the health of soil and water resources, and in the process, creates the good jobs of the future.


Tom Casten


Tom Casten is a Co-Founder and Chairs the Myno Carbon Corp Board. He is one of the true pioneers and innovators of the cogeneration and decentralized power production industries. Over the course of his distinguished career, he has proved the essential value proposition that business and government must embrace to mitigate climate change; that it is profitable to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while supporting economic growth. Mr. Casten is the Director of Economic Studies for the International Biochar Initiative. He provides Myno expert advice on all technical and business development aspects of the rapidly growing biochar industry.

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Mike Miller


Mike Miller has been involved in the global energy business most of his life. He led businesses drilling for oil and gas with a focus on safety and the environment. Most of this work involved the extraction of hydrocarbon resources from the earth. Mr. Miller’s focus is now on renewable energy, specifically, the reuse of waste in a way that captures carbon and keeps it out of the atmosphere. He lives by his values, one of which is helping others. With Myno, Mr. Miller wants to help others use waste productively, grow bigger crops faster, and utilize new technology (such as cold-mix asphalt paving), while also sequestering carbon.


Anthony Pennino


Anthony Pennino is a lifelong Alaskan resident. Over the course of his 25-year, international career in environmental consulting, he has worked primarily for energy industry clients in locations such as South America, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Mr. Pennino utilizes this experience and his industry connections to expand Myno’s existing business, develop new opportunities, and increase revenue. His vast knowledge of the energy, industrial and government sectors of the economy ensures Myno has deep and broad access to the numerous rapidly emerging opportunities to help cities and corporations create value by removing and sequestering carbon.


Ryan Stipe


Ryan Stipe aspires to the motto, “Leave it better than you found it,” and at Myno, he does just that by using his energy and expertise to achieve positive outcomes for the environment, that are underpinned by commercial prosperity. Mr. Stipe’s connectivity in the Pacific Northwest and broad base of experience across key industry sectors, moves Myno’s mission forward. Having spent the bulk of his career in the financial services industry, He brings deep domain experience to Myno, helping it evaluate new opportunities, fund growth capital needs, and manage risk. Mr. Stipe believes thoughtful, inclusive leadership perpetuates the best outcomes. He implements that approach within project teams. His passion for the natural environment drives his desire for clean water, clean air, and a healthy planet.


Doug Johnson


Doug Johnson is the founder and CEO of Development Designs. He is a 4th generation Alaskan with a dynamic, entrepreneurial, and successful track record serving in many public and private roles. He uses his diverse background to provide Myno with invaluable strategic advice for how to sell projects in the Alaska market and deliver successful outcomes. Increasing the rate at which we remove carbon from the atmosphere is one of Mr. Johnson’s main business priorities. His skills and network are helping Myno create a scalable carbon removal template in Alaska that can be applied to the rest of the world.


Doug Kirkby


Doug Kirkby is a tenacious, technical, problem solver, and a committed team player. Across several industries, and global locations, he has been instrumental in bringing new innovations to market, most notably as an Oil & Gas Field Engineer in Arctic Alaska. At times Mr. Kirkby has made non-traditional choices in pursuit of living a well-rounded life which has given him a deep appreciation for the planet and attracted him to Myno’s focus on operations that restore the natural environment. Business as usual is over. New businesses have to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Mr. Kirkby will help make Myno a leader in this field.


Andre Naslausky


Andre Naslausky began his career as a strategy consultant and transitioned to the energy sector, where he developed substantial international experience as a global executive. Andre has an extensive track record improving Corporate Social Responsibility outcomes, and in Health, Safety, and Environmental roles. As a former VP of a global enterprise, he led complex, large country operations and multidisciplinary teams – often in challenging environments – to ensure critical global energy supplies. Andre is now using his international experience, network, and skills to help deliver profitable growth for Myno and its clients while removing carbon from the atmosphere.

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