Carbon-negative materials - MYNO Carbon Corp.
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Carbon-negative materials

Myno makes the raw materials to grow and build a net zero world

The businesses that take bold steps to remove fossil fuels from their supply chains and reduce their carbon today are the ones that will win tomorrow.

For agriculture

Supercharge yields and accelerate carbon drawdown. Myno will produce the largest volumes of high-quality, low-cost biochar for agricultural supply chains to improve performance and reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs).

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for agriculture

Enhanced fertilizers & soil amendments

Feed and anaerobic digestion additives

Valuable soil product inputs


for agriculture

*we have the research to back these claims


higher yields


increase in nutrient-use efficiency


increase in plant-available water

Aerates soil, optimizes pH, and creates a habitat for beneficial microbes.

Increase drought resilience during dry years.

Reduces need for nitrogen-based fertilizers, and associated emissions and leaching.

Potential increased prices for climate-smart products that help customers reduce scope 3 emissions.

For industry

Carbon-negative materials will transform multiple industries. Myno’s high-performance sustainable materials have the potential to substitute for unsustainable, carbon-intensive inputs across multiple industries. We help businesses achieve the same or better performance outcomes with a lower carbon footprint so they can meet their net zero goals.


for industry

Industry - Carbon black alternative, electronics and batteries, carbon fibre and plastics

Construction - Concrete, asphalt and insulation additives

Environmental - Anaerobic digestion additives, soil decontamination and water filtration

Myno is researching and developing new industrial inputs. Contact for partnership opportunities.