Facilities - MYNO Carbon Corp.
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Our carbon
removal facilities

Myno’s first Carbon Removal Facility in Port Angeles, WA will connect directly to the grid. It will generate 20 megawatts of power and produce roughly 40,000 tons of biochar per year. By locating near feedstock sources and viable points of grid interconnection, we generate high-quality carbon-negative materials and robust carbon credits at the lowest possible cost.  The Port Angeles CRF will be one of the largest biochar production facilities in the world.

How our Carbon Removal Facilities (CRFs) work

As crops and timber grow, it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere. But when the waste decomposes or burns, nearly 100% of that carbon goes right back where it came from.

Myno converts degradable waste into permanent carbon-based materials, locking carbon up for good. Our materials are carbon-negative, because the production process removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it adds.

How our Carbon Removal Facilities (CRFs) work

Each year, Myno’s
Port Angeles CRF
will generate:


tons of carbon-negative materials

We are in purchase discussions with large-scale agriculture and fertilizer companies.


carbon removal credits

We are finalizing a purchase agreement with a leading multinational company, who is on the path to becoming carbon negative.


metric tonnes CO2e avoided

by preventing the burning of timber waste.


MWh of renewable energy

Enough to power 13,500 average North American households.

Green jobs

full time prevailing wage jobs

Port Angeles’ rural, timber dependent community has a population of less than 10,000.

Facilities Timeline

Not all carbon credits are created equal

Not all carbon credits are created equal

Myno is actively developing a pipeline of future facilities.
Contact carbonhistory@mynocarbon.com for partnership opportunities.