From Oilfields to Climate Warriors: Myno Carbon's Journey to Sustainable Innovation - MYNO Carbon Corp.
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From Oilfields to Climate Warriors: Myno Carbon’s Journey to Sustainable Innovation

Myno Carbon, led by CEO and co-founder Thor Kallestad, has emerged as a climate tech startup on a mission to combat climate change. Despite their background in the oilfield industry, Kallestad and his team recognized the need for change and launched Myno in 2020.

Based in Bainbridge Island, Myno aims to commercialize biochar, a carbon-trapping substance with roots in ancient civilizations. Myno’s approach to biochar production offers a low-cost method for removing carbon while addressing various environmental concerns.

Geekwire recently featured Myno in their sustainability section, highlighting the transformative potential of the company’s technology and the broader climate tech sector.

Myno’s biochar production offers multiple environmental advantages. The biochar created from timber and agricultural waste sequesters carbon instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. This biochar will be marketed as a low-carbon fertilizer and soil enhancement product for crops.

Myno Carbon has received support from various organizations, including Washington’s Department of Natural Resources and Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz. Franz recognizes the importance of biochar in reducing wildfire risk, protecting forests and communities, and capturing carbon in soils.

Myno Carbon’s journey from the oilfield industry to becoming climate warriors exemplifies the power of transformation and the potential for positive change. Their efforts to commercialize biochar as a cost-effective carbon removal solution demonstrate their commitment to building a sustainable future and addressing the urgent challenges of climate change.

GeekWire – Former Oilfield Engineers Launch Climate Startup That Uses Ancient Carbon Trapping Technology

A big thanks to Lisa Stiffler, for acknowledging Myno Carbon and our efforts in creating green jobs and a positive impact! We look forward to the future as we continue collaborating with partners and community. Together we can drive positive change and demonstrate that environmental stewardship and economic growth can go hand in hand. Let’s continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating a greener future for generations to come!